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Blue Curtains That Shined Yellow · 11:26pm February 15th

The morning sun blurred my eyes, and the steamy heat that evaporated from the green sod beneath me stole every bit of my strength. Then, from between the rays of the afternoon, emerged two vibrant orbs. The pair came softly from the curtains of the midday blue skies. They watched me with concern.

I awoke under layers of white warmth, the midday curtains that hid behind the clouds were gone.

For weeks, I remember the eyes glitter in patient tenderness. I felt the feeling of gratitude for them.

Was it all simply a drunken daydream?

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Sounds crazy but it sounds like your username-

Nice piece of poetry, especially paired with the picture.

A tiny poetic piece that doubles as a sneak peek to my upcoming story I'm working on :moustache:

Oh? Oh so?:derpyderp1:

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