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    So, my high school graduation ceremony was yesterday. I was nervous leading up to it, but now it feels amazing to be done with high school. :yay: This moment really got me thinking about the past few years, in both my offline and online lives. There are things I've said and done in the past that I cringe at now, but those just show how much I've grown since then.

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    Just did some cleaning up of the chapters I've posted so far. Getting rid of unnecessary dialogue tags, stuff like that. School is hell right now, but hopefully I can get chapter 5 up soon.

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    I'm very excited to announce that I've started my new story! Planning the entire thing out ahead of time worked really well for me, and I think the first chapter came out very nicely. I hope you all enjoy, and stay tuned for more! :twilightsmile:

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    I have some good news and some bad news.

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    Happy birthday to me!

    Today just so happens to be my 18th birthday as well, meaning I'm now a legal adult! Crazy to think about!

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT · 4:19pm February 13th

I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that I am canceling Harmonic Blue Skies. I've been seriously struggling to find the motivation to work on this story, or to come up with good dialogue when I did work on it. And eventually, I just had to ask myself why that was. Then the answer came to me: Sky didn't face enough challenges in the story, nor did he do enough to warrant Lyra falling in love with him. He got over being an introvert far too quickly. That's why it was so hard for me to write dialogue or come up with ideas for the story, because the romance between the two main characters simply wasn't developed well enough. If you enjoyed this story, I'm glad you did, but the time has come for me to abandon it.

Now here's the good news: Some of you may recall that back in the glorious year of 2019, I attempted to write an Equestria Girls romance story about Sky and Lyra called See How the Night Sky Glows, but canceled it after 13 chapters because it had devolved into a disorganized mess of filler and subplots. I think the problem is that I was so afraid of having to cancel another story that when I started writing Harmonic Blue Skies, I played it far too safe, which set the stage for a boring and shallow story. However, I recently had a burst of inspiration and new ideas, and I feel that I could return to the EG universe and get it right this time. Since Sky will be human in this story, I'll be able to draw upon my own life experiences much more easily. I'm currently in the process of writing up a very thorough outline of all the major characters in this upcoming story, and I've got a lot of really cool ideas in mind for it. To avoid spoiling anything, I won't say any more. Stay tuned, my friends! :pinkiesmile:

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ah, pity, I find your story was very interesting and well made

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it while it lasted. It was definitely an improvement over my first story, but there were still a lot of parts that didn't satisfy me. Still, this new story should be my best work yet, so hopefully you'll enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

You're welcome and I'll be sure to give it a read when you upload it. Lyra's just one of my favorite ponies and her having a stallion is rare

Yeah, that is very true! But my new story will also be about Sky and Lyra, just in human form instead of pony form.

That was why I recommended you my and my friend's respective story with Lyra back then. And good luck with it. If you need some background characters or friends for your OC and Lyra, I might have 2 Ocs you could use

Thanks for the offer, but I already have other characters in mind as Sky's friends. Both canon characters and other OCs.

okay then, was just a friendly offer of help

Real shame, I quite liked the story, but I do understand your reasoning, it just happens sometimes. I'm just going to guess that Sky and Lyra lived happily together.

I'm glad you enjoyed it while it lasted. And of course you can imagine that. :raritywink:

Despite its flaws it was an enjoyable read for me and I can still good back and reread the chapters that were posted, at least now I have the EG story to look forward to. :twilightsmile:

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