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[ANIMATION!!!] An important Message SCP Foundation · 3:39pm Feb 13th, 2021

This is a video I did in in early January, but been very busy in that time and couldn't set the time to make it public.

This was down in Blender with the Grease Pencil function (you can really do incredible things with it), it was originally just supposed to be a lip sync test, but the quality of the audio file was so good, thanks to the contribution of my friend Forest Everfree, that I decided to do the whole thing, which was hell to finish but it only made it all so satisfying in doing this along with adding the blink and eye moments. This has opened my mind to so many new possibilities in learning animation in general.


also Forest Everfree also does audio reads of a lot Fallout Equestria and does a great job at it. You can find his Youtube channel here, and it's all well worth a listen too

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Awesome dude.

thanks for the support dude.

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