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Shakes Gets Artistic as F#ck · 10:28pm February 11th

As those of you who follow me over on my Discord Server may know, I've been busy this week. And this time, not with my writing. I saw an image over on derpibooru. As you do. And technically it's labeled as explicit, due to the presence of "mayonnaise" in Twilight's tail. Therefor I can't directly link it, but here's the image number: https://derpibooru.org/images/ 2537881

I looked at it, and I thought to myself, "Gosh, that sure would be swell to have as a not-so-explicit Papercraft piece." Not that I'd expect The Paper Pony to make anything quite so suggestive. But there is other precedence for explicit papercraft. 2103466 is a notable example.

I had participated in The Paper Pony activity at BronyCon'16, and I already owned three pieces. I figured I had a pretty good grasp of the concept. So I decided to give it a try, myself.

I went out to my local craft store and bought a three-pack of shadow boxes, a ream of 200 pages of cardstock (not construction) paper in 25 assorted colors, two pads of double-sided sticky dots for layering, some fresh Xacto blades, and a couple paste sticks. All together I spent about $50 to buy everything in that bulk. I only needed one shadow bow, obviously, and I only used one each of 8 different colors. So the actual cost of materials per project would be much less if I did more of these.

I printed out the image three times on my inkjet printer using quick-draft to minimize ink. And then, using the Xacto knife, I cut up the various parts to use as cutting templates for the cardstock.

It's not a simple jigsaw puzzle, where you just cut up all the color shapes and put them back together. You have to extrapolate the shapes that go behind other shapes, and leave spaces and places for mooring points for the lifter dots. A lot of it is trial and error. So always plan on using twice as much material as you think you'll need. Twilight's torso ended up looking like a misshapen bean as a result, but that's just how it works some times. And Shining's tail needed a large area to glue to his body.

Once the peices were made, I started making the sub-assemblies. Combinations that were all the same layer, like their heads.

Laying all the pieces together to get a rough idea before gluing or adding lifter posts

BY FAR the hardest part of the whole project was adding the fine details like the eyelashes and cutie marks. Make sure you use a fresh Xacto blade when you get to this step.

Then the fun part! Adding in the lifters. As you can see, there is a foam, double-sided adhesive disc just under her ear. The first of many layers to give the final product dimension and depth!

After adding all the risers, it was time to mount (giggity) the piece on the background panel of the interior of the shadow box. This included the bed, which itself, was 1 layer above the black background, so the parts of the piece on and off the bed had to be adjusted accordingly.

All together, it took about six hours from start to finish.

And the final result can be seen here!


Please go give it a thumbs up if you think I did a good job.

Found the perfect place to put it, where I can see it all day.

Well hung, I'd say.

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Cool idea!

Art. No doubt about it :)

And technically it’s labeled as explicit, due to the presence of "mayonnaise" in Twilight's tail.

Fitting that she’d have an "instrument" around her butt.i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/025/580/Screen_Shot_2018-03-01_at_12.59.37_PM.png

That's one passionate hug

Really neat premise pretty well executed! I'd be really interested to see how it progresses if you keep up with this kind of project.

It's art. That makes it canon. Everyone else's argument is invalid, even mine.

Curse me for making my nonexistent argument invalid!

What... What the fuck?...

It's the hug that only a loving brother could give a loving sister.

I saw an image over on derpibooru. As you do. And technically it's labeled as explicit, due to the presence of "mayonnaise" in Twilight's tail.

Mayonnaise a lot of people here this evening!

ayyyy it's one of hoverrover's arts

cool stuff👍

Where will you be able do display this?

Anywhere I please in the house that I own. :rainbowdetermined2:

You should see my bedroom. (Or the art room, but there I mostly hang my own art.)

Added one more image above to show where.

Ah, crafty! Very neat result!

Not bad, not bad at all.

"Aspirational", aptly defined. :raritywink:

Spongebob got weird... oh who am I kidding it was always weird.


Anywhere I please in the house that I own.

I think I'll send that quote to the guy who made this

Although... well, as Atticus noted in To Kill a Mockingbird, we have to see things from others point of view. I don't the fellow here is just being the usual brand of hateful nebbish one usually sees, and he seems to have a desire to see people improve and not lose themselves in addiction and self delusion.

That being said, I do think our little slice of internet is a unique animal. Oh sure, most trekkies, star wars, sonic and crystal gem fans feel the same, but theres a decided eye rolling self awareness here rarely seen elsewhere. Not surprising considering we started on, of all places, 4chan. Of course we do have our problem children (our good Luna Solaris who accused you of threatening her, various misanthropes who don't to merely be content with being nihilistic fuck sticks but demanding we praise them and blindly agrees. you're usual brand of snow flake fuckery) but most seem marginally well adjiusted and able to merely make this something to enjoy, a reprieve.

But can;t have that can we. Why does this become more true with every passing femto second?

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