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AJ Aficionado

The Guy who wrote "Dibs on My Sister". Editor for Clopficsinthecomments and Prereader for Firesight. I love Bat Ponies. Eeee!

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  • 19 weeks
    Chapter 5 Rough Draft Complete

    Thanks to everyone for their patience. The draft is sitting at 4786 words right now. I've sent it to most of my prereaders.

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    Needed a Break

    Hey guys. Have you ever just not felt like not writing anything for various reasons? That's been me for the last couple of months. But I'm going to start writing the new chapter for Equestria Mystery Dungeon tonight. And holy crap, I can't believe how many upvotes this story has gotten since the last update months ago. People have really wanted a story like this; I can tell. The numbers don't

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    Good news: New Story

    I finished the rough draft for my Summer Sin Event story. I also have the new chapter of Fecundity ready to go. I just have to wait for the 25th of June to post the former and my prereaders to finish checking the latter. I hope you enjoy both.

    In the meantime, I'm jumping back on Equestria Mystery Dungeon. See you there, Battlemasters!

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    Equestria Mystery Dungeon Has Been Updated

    I have received word from one of my prereaders they did not receive a notification in their feed about this story updating. So I am letting everyone know here. Enjoy chapter four and I hope this issue and the phishing attack issues are resolved. On that note, be extremely careful what you click on in the comments, guys!

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Completed Rough Draft on My New Story: "Dibs on My Sister" · 2:22am Feb 11th, 2021

Sitting in at over 13k words and 28 pages before editing, this first of its kind incest clopfic will be ready to be posted no later than about a week though I have until the 28th of this month to post it. Total time to write it was a mere 11 days. This story once fully edited will be even longer than my Fallout Equestria story. There's a ton of clop in this thing and I'm thinking people who liked my other stories will like this one a whole lot more for the new angle of approach I've taken to write sex scenes.

Look forward to this one. It's going to be goooooood!

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