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Commission Info · 3:30am February 9th

So I figure I have a decent enough talent at writing to turn some $$$ from it, and I'm willing to do that because it'll help pay my bills and whatnot!

I am taking commissions! Around 1 US cent per word, which is around 10 dollars for a thousand words.

1. To get started, just shoot me a PM on the site or DM me on Twitter saying that you're interested in commissioning

2. Written work will either be delivered through email, or private messaging in the form of a GoogleDoc or it will be posted to Fimfiction, Furaffinity or Deviantart

3. Upon delivery, minor alterations to the story can be requested. Up to around four hours of labor.

4. Written Work will be completed within 4 weeks of funds being received. To expedite this process, an outline of the commissioned work will be completed first free of charge before writing begins properly. The 4-week deadline can be extended with the consent of both parties.

5. Updates on the work can be requested and will be given within 48 hours of the request.

6. Full refunds can be requested before I reach 6 hours of labor on the project, or the editorial process is reached (whichever comes first). If refunds are requested after this point. If they are requested after this point, refunds will be given minus an hourly cost of 12$ per hour.

7.As for what I will write, I believe it's easier just to type out the stuff that I will not write:

-Any type of filth-fetish
-Gore or torture fetish
-Anything foalcon
-Anything similar in magnitude to these three
-If you're unsure, just message me about it, worst case scenario I just say no

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