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Which story to update part 2 · 2:47am February 9th

So I can only tag one story per blog post, so last blog post I tagged "I was my Teenage Daughter"

This one I'm tagging Cake Mix 2.

If you missed the last blog post. I asked which story should get an update. Here's the poll:


Report videomaster21XX · 103 views · Story: Cake Mix 2: Batter Up ·
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Aww drat i was hoping for a sequel for "I was my teenage daughter". I even voted for it in your straw pull. I really want to see how Rarity's father continues to deal with being Sweetie Belle's "Twin sister" as well as having to deal with being pregnant too, as well as having to give birth. Drat well maybe i'll get it next time.

What do you mean? I was my teenage daughter so far is winning, so that's the one that'll get the sequel/update so far.

This blog post is just in case people who only liked/bookshelved Cake Mix 2 didn't see this poll, letting them get their chance to put a vote in.

Basically because I can't tag two stories at once, so I just made two blog posts, both tagging the two stories you can vote on. Hope I made sense.

Oh ok because when i voted earlier today it looked like "Cake Mix 2" was winning. Wow i guess things changed over the 4 hours after i voted, thnx for clarifying. Yay!

Well, darn. I was hoping Runway had a chance after five-plus years. Does that one have any hope of being picked up again? I’d like to know so I can know to put it out of my mind or not.

I think I'm going to try and make this year the year of story updates, and that's on the list. I've been wanting to update it forever, and have some work done. It just seems to be the cursed story, because every time I try to sit down and write something for it, some horrible thing happens that I have to deal with instead.

If it’s cursed then maybe it should be abandoned. Wouldn’t want frozen septic waste from an airplane to meteor you into oblivion, after all. :pinkiegasp:

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