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Ponies, in space! (actually not, just frame) · 7:40am Feb 7th, 2021

So, I was watching

Renegade Cut, review of 'Shape of water'

at 8:18 ....

Minor additional thinking:
Quite a lot of 'bad things' obviously NOT safely contained in past times ...

Also, because film points back into 1960x it probably worth saying there was and still ongoing some real story around dolphins ..and other non-human beings.
"The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins"
hm, it was on youtube ....
https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5lemby - a bit slow.

Now, obviously I heavily dislike captivity of any sort, and big part of my post-school life was and is revolving around those Big Problems With No Easy Solution. But story from long past (I was reading it in late 90x and actively researching since ~2002) actually made me think about world outside of nice techno-niche I was comfortable in.

So, yeah we are story-telling animals, but are we only such animals?

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