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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Outer Worlds, Fallout, and other wonderful things · 9:07pm Feb 4th, 2021

Welcome all. First, I've really, really, and I mean really got to get better at updating my blogs. So, I'm sorry for disappearing for a while. I'm sure that everyone knows that life loves to throw curve balls. What does this mean exactly? Well Curve balls like the pandemic, or just life in general. For someone like me that means having sparatic writing at best. Although I will admit that I managed to crank out two full novels in about... four months, so maybe not so sparatic writing... eh, anyway back on target. On my Birthday my lovely wife managed to get me a few games that I hadn't played, but I have been dying to play.

So, I got to enjoy Outer Worlds, The Last of Us II, and I'm looking forward to playing Destroy all Humans (Although I have this game for the original XBox and PS. Of course playing Outer Worlds made me realize how closely it seemed to tie in with Fallout, and naturally I just had to write an Outer Worlds: Equestria. Which really is a slightly very much advanced Fallout Equestria. I've been enjoying writing it, and anyone that's been reading has more than likely guessed who Slim Chance is related to. Which a quick thanks to Somber for creating that wonderful character.

All of that said, I had an idea suddenly get lodged into my mind, and it's just stayed there. An idea that would explore Spoiled Rich and Diamond Tiara. The question was, what kind of story do I want to write? If it was simple clop I could do a thousand different stories, but it's not that. No, this is a blackmail story. Although I can already hear, "But wait, aren't blackmail stories, especially fan fiction ones, usually about erotica anyway? It seems like a clop story with extra steps."

Okay, sure, I'll grant you that most, not all but most, blackmail stories tend to lean toward the blackmailer getting to do the deed with the blackmailee. That's not the case here. It's a sort of 'wholesome blackmail'.

The idea is that Spoiled Rich has been stepping out on Filthy for a while, mostly when Filthy hasn't been home because he's been running the family business. You know, supporting her, giving her money to buy things, go to parties, and basically remain relivent to pony society. But, despite the fact that he's been providing for her she's stepped out, and in doing so has managed to get her hooks into Diamond Tiara's stallion. The idea certainly lends toward Spoiled being somepony that believes that she can get what she wants, and that she's wealthy enough to get away with it.

After it comes to light what actually happened, Diamond decides to do something about it. Her mother's actions has been violating Spoiled's own marriage, and it very well could have cost Diamond Tiara her own relationship. So, she sets out to get all of the evidence she can about her mother's extramarrital meetups. Diamond catalogs each and every one, she has pictures taken, finds the pictures that Spoiled herself had taken and hid, and finds evidence pointing to the fact that this has been going on for a few years.

So, what is she going to do with it? Well, my friends, that's where this is a bit more wholesome. It's not for some twisted BDS&M fantasy that Diamond wants to enact on her mother. I can say that it more or less puts the control of things back in her dad's hands. I've already started writing, and It looks like it could be fun. So, would this be something that everyone would enjoy? It would be a sort of alternation universe of the Bumbleverse, but regardless, I'd like to know what everyone thinks.



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Sounds like an interesting thought and that it could be worth a try

I honestly didn't care for Outer Worlds all that much. The gameplay was decent at best, but the story made Borderlands look subtle and nuanced


And to each their own. I enjoyed the storyline to it, granted, it was something that you could see a mile away. It was sort of like Bioshock in that regard. You could understand who Jack Ryan was, what had happened, and what was going to happen if you were paying attention. I suppose what really made me enjoy Outer Worlds as much as I did was the fact that Obsidian made it, and there were so many elements that just simply connected to Fallout. The basic ones, and the various small nods throughout. But it wasn't just the connection to Fallout, via Obsidian, that made it for me. It was also the various influences from Science Fiction that gave me the tingles, especially the direct influence from Firefly.

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