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Daily Scribble · 4:25pm Feb 4th, 2021

Next gen cast

Dinky Hooves
Flint Hearthstone
Quill Flourish
Spike the Dragon
Prince Apollo Bean
Princess Blue Moon
Ambrosia Apple
Prince Barnstormer

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Comments ( 9 )

What a bunch a troublemakers.

I would really love to see all of them in a story :twilightsmile:

Is that an Irrespective reference I see? Always nice to see a man of culture.

Sipioc #5 · Feb 4th, 2021 · · 1 ·

That’s a lot of work.

I know that, but it would still be very interesting and probably be realy funny.

It's been so long since I read the first two that I don't recognize some of these. I obviously get Spike and Dinky, as well as Prince Apollo. I assume Quill Flourish is the daughter of Wysteria and Quillpoint. Princess Blue Moon is... either Apollo's sister or cousin? Who are the others, and where are they from?

EDIT: Ah yes, I forgot about the dragon turned adoracute.

Now that looks like trouble just waiting to happen. And it's impatient. :pinkiehappy:

Flint is a character of mine that No nose adopted, he is a kid in that story but a kid with the soul of an evil dragon King. He vows to destroy Luna and Celestia and at the time being an ankle biter made him non threatening, but he has had a few decades to form his body into something more...formidable.

Blue Moon is the love child of Blueblood and Trixie. One night of passion led to her conception and their hasty marriage. Despite their loathing for one another they make it work. Blue Moon has it in her head that she and Apollo are destined for one another, despite the fact that he is not at all interested.

The tall glass of water with the wheat stalk is Ambrosia Apple, Applejack and Rockhoof’s daughter. Her mom’s beauty her Pa’s strength. She and Apollo have real chemistry.

Barnstormer is Celestia’s unexpected protege. “Barnie” single hoofedly diverted a massive storm away from his hometown, the bravery and skill causing him epitomize his mark and allowing his ascension to Alicorn. Problem is, nopony saw this coming. He isn’t a scholar, wasn’t a unicorn, and is for all intents and purposes a country bumpkin. Celestia takes him as an apprentice on a more hooves on approach, think more adventures, less books.

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