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Writing Update 2-3-2021 · 4:36am February 4th

I can not believe it is going to be five years this year since I joined this fandom. I really thought I would have published many more horse words by now. I think I have more blog posts than stories. *sigh*

I have been making good progress on the second and final chapter of "Soarin's Urinal." I plan on releasing it before releasing any other stories.
I don't want to give any spoilers away, all I will say is that so far chapter 2 of "Soarin's Urinal" is longer than chapter 1 and there will be clop...and watersports.

I'll end this blog entry with this: thanks to those of you who enjoyed the first chapter of "Soarin's Urinal" and I hope you will like the second chapter. To my followers, thank you. To those who have enjoyed my other stories, thank you.

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Good luck and thanks for every story you made so far

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