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    “I’ve found the person I’m suppose to be with.”

    That’s what she said to me.

    21 years together.

    14 years married.

    2 kids.

    A dog and cat.

    A house.

    Stood by her when she has cancer, we made a life together.

    But nope. None of that mattered. None of that was worth fixing or trying to save. Just ‘I’m with him now, let’s be friends.’

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    Untold Stories 2

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    Untold Stories

    I always had a bunch of stories I wanted to tell here but I truly lacked the discipline and drive to actually write them out.

    Drawing was more my thing…

    This one was based around a story where Ponyville had a Sheriff by the name of Ranger.
    Shamelessly, I ship him with Princess Booksmarts

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    New Sketchbook some doodles to come

    Hello all,

    Happy 2024!

    I got a new sketchbook from my son for Christmas, and using it at work as a form of stress release.

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  • 117 weeks
    New Job and a bit doodling

    Quit my job of 10 years teaching to work at a mill. Can’t say I like the job but the fact that it pays double what I made I suppose I can’t complain.

    12 hour shifts and working only half the days of the month is also a switch.

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The Worst Possible Thing · 3:55am Feb 4th, 2021

Day...I don’t even remember...of my self imposed diet.

I’m okay just thought I would leave this statement of what I would do right this very second if I could:

I would this very moment, make a batch of Vanilla chip cookies, and eat the entire bowl raw.

Damn the consequences.

But I won’t.

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I've said it before: I don't think that I can be trusted with the responsibility to not make custard whenever I want.

Come on buddy, I got faith in you!

Just call this your cheat day.

The instinctual impetus which results from both carnivore diets and vegan diets shows us how omnivorous we are as a species. But stay strong, human beings have time and again proven that we can beat nature into submission when we want to.

Very true. Doing good. Indulging slightly but not off the wagon.

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