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Cancellation of GaM and a general update · 12:11am Feb 2nd, 2021

Yo what's crack-a-lackin' home skillets?

It's already February, and it just occurred to me that y'all haven't heard from me since like summer 2020. Crazy how time flies!

I guess I should start with the elephant in the room: Gangs and Monsters. You've probably noticed it's been on hiatus for a good couple of years. I have to admit, for a long time I was convinced that I would get around to writing it again and that the motivation to continue it would return any day now. Alas, I recently had to come to terms with the simple truth that my enthusiasm for the project is gone. Truth is, for the past couple of years my interest in both RT/AH and MLP:FiM has been waning, and that was before some very unfortunate allegations against a certain former member of Achievement Hunter last August. Now, suffice to say, Ryan's actions pretty much killed what little was left of my desire to finish GaM (the Vagabond was going to have a very important role in the story). Thus, I'm officially marking it as cancelled as of tonight.

Let me just say real quick that I don't have any intention of discussing RH and what he did here. If you're not aware of the situation (or are one of his defenders, in which case kindly fuck off), I recommend doing some research on your own.

Now with the doom and gloom out of the way, allow me to reassure you: I'm not going anywhere. I'm still working alongside Shinzakura and BlueBastard on the Berylverse, and have in recent weeks been working on writing the next installment in the series. Keep an eye out for future updates on that once the coverart I've commissioned reaches completion. I don't want to say too much about what I'm writing so as not to risk spoiling the ending of GAoA, but let's just say we'll be following a character I've been having far too much fun writing for...

See you around!

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That's right, folks: Flynt is writing a story about the fifth letter of the alphabet.

Well thats sad to hear as I really liked the fic but I u debating losing motivations. Better to focus on what can be written rather then dwelling on what cannot.

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