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A writer that want to spread stories of all sorts throughout the world.

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  • 4 weeks


    Be careful everyone as my doppelganger Waldron is sending his forces to fight both displaced and invade the Fimfiction Omniverse.

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  • 22 weeks
    Axis Union Order!


    This is for every Fluttershy fans that care about her. The leader of this book done something to poor Fluttershy that even I felt sick writing it.

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  • 28 weeks
    Anti League Recruiting!

    To all Anons and Displaces!
    This is a broadcast to any who is interested in joining the Anti League: Equestrian Empire! Which is lead by none other then Moon! A fusion between Nightmare Moon and Luna into one being! So go and ask Moon or Hatred of understanding their reason on inviting willing people to put an end to corrupt throughout the Mlp Omniverse and the other Omniverses!

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  • 48 weeks
    Caribou Topic.

    Okay so this is for all that have a burning hatred towards the Caribou. How would you feel if the male Caribou finally getting the justice they deserve?
    Then look up my Wattpad stories to see how brutal I am towards characters who are similar to the Caribou.

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Wattpad Account. · 10:11pm Feb 1st, 2021

Clink this link if you are interested of seeing my wattpad stories that include more than mlp.

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