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This account is no longer in use. I'm leaving it up so people can read my stuff. If you need to contact me, send an email to dawnfade@gmail.com

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Something to tide you over · 3:01am Nov 30th, 2012

If you enjoyed University Nights, you'll most certainly enjoy this. Steel Resolve is an absolute master of combining romance and sex, and this story is some of the best writing I've ever seen from him.

It's called I love to see you smile and ships Rarity and Pinkie Pie. There are some genuinely heartwarming moments in there (along with his personal brand of steamy writing) so you have no excuse not to check it out!

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Comments ( 24 )

Wait, is University Days over ???
I forgot....

Hmmm interesting... I'll check it out. But I hope the romance and sex are sort of balanced if it ain't a full on clop.

It's not over!

I thought it was....or on Hiatus....
Well, when ever an author talks about other's good work and then compare it to theirs, I always get the feel that theirs is over.....
Dunno why.

DawnFade suffers from Block! The readers object!

DawnFade uses distraction! It's super effective!

(j/k mate, thanks for pointing this one out. I'd've missed it otherwise.)

Will read, DawnFade, you have managed to placate us, just a little bit longer. Do not hope your silly tricks can hold up forever.
Also I'm a big fan of you're 'University' Universe, and can not wait for more, you have no idea.:twilightblush:

No problem!
Dawn uses Procrastinate!

Hehe, University Universe has a nice ring to it. There are a lot of different side stories I've been thinking of doing too, like perhaps one about Lyra and Bonbon, and one about Psych. Who know!

Indeed I still wait for your next workings. It just has me going all sorts of :pinkiecrazy: waiting!!!


Oh you shouldn't have done that, my release schedule is set by Milankovitch Cycles as it is....

Comma-Kazie uses resist! It's not very effective.....

Except I do have an excuse, knowing how I responded to TwiDash before... :ajbemused:

As a matter of fact I don't know why I'm watching you at all, since the only stories of yours that are worth anything to me are Pirates For A Day and Eternity (it's Pipsqueak and Dinky after all, can't go very wrong).

You should definitely unwatch me then. I hope you find a more interesting author to watch :)

Thanks for the recommendation. Might not have found this one otherwise! 554278

I would LOVE to read about how Psych became as awesome as he is.

554464 Perhaps that is the better thing. I'm sorry it came to that, but I don't think there's any other course of action. :trollestia:

Rari-Pie..... ewww... Just saying.

University nights ? i thought it was days?

Uni Nights is the clop sidestory to Uni Days.

555340 o i read one chap is there a new one i missed it :(

Nope, don't worry. There is only one chapter so far.

555349 oh good i would have been mad if i would have missed even one chapter XD

When will the new chapter be out?! I'm dieing over here. :raritydespair:

When it's finished :)


There are a lot of different side stories I've been thinking of doing too, like perhaps one about Lyra and Bonbon, and one about Psych.

Ooh, yes please!

554278 i dont care what shipping you use just write more. these are really great

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