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It feels so good to post a chapter

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Early look at the upcoming chapter · 7:13am February 1st

So, I didn't quite get the chapter out this weekend like I had planned, and I am sorry for that. I ended up re-writing the entire thing from scratch again, something that happens to me more often then I care to admit, but here's a sneak peak at a some-what polished draft for my next chapter: Beware Griffins bearing Gifts.

Shining Armor gazed longingly at his bed as he debated his next course of action. It had been a long day, and he was certainly tired enough, but he’d hit a wall with his experiments and didn’t have any other ideas on how to proceed. Fortunately for him, not only did he happen to be related to one of the greatest magical prodigies of the century, but her foal sitter was the only pony on board who could send messages via dragonfire. Convincing Cadance had been the easy part, he still had to write the letter. Tired as he was, the prospective help felt far less urgent. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. He could just sleep now and wake up early the next morning to have it for Cadance at their lessons. Accustomed as he was to waking up at the same time every day, though, any such deviation from his schedule would be... unpleasant. If I sleep at all instead of lying awake thinking about what I'll write. With groan, he sat at his desk, picking up his quill and began to write:

Dear Twilly,

I’m writing to inform you that I left Canterlot with Cadance and Barrel Roll on a diplomatic mission several weeks ago. Since you probably haven't heard about it from your study or wherever you’re reading this, we’re traveling to Roam to re-establish the embassy there. Sorry I didn’t have a chance to stop by, events were moving rather quickly. A lot has happened since we last spoke, including my promotion to the rank of Lieutenant. I already sent a message to mom and dad, but if you haven't seen them, I figured I’d tell you myself. So far most of my time is spent on drills and history lessons with Cadance and boredom, but I repeat myself. Don't worry about me, this mission hasn't been any more dangerous than my duties back home. I expect I’ll be back sometime next year; we’ll get donuts and catch up when I get back.

I did have a question for you. The other day I was talking to Barrel Roll and the topic of shield spells came up. I lamented that shields are limited by the area that they are protecting, and that got me thinking, is there any way around the limitations of the 8th law of magic? Seeing as we are traveling on a ship, it could be useful if I could expand my shield to cover the entirety of the deck to keep us dry if we sail through a squall (that’s what the sailors call the small wild storms that pop up on the ocean). I’ve been exploring the books I have on the ship, but we aren’t carrying the sort of research materials that you have access to. If you know of anything that could help me, I would be very grateful. Not grateful enough to tell you where the Crown is, but I’ll give you a chance to win it back someday.

One more thing before I go to sleep. I guess now is as good a time to tell you as any, but Picture and I broke up. She told me the day I left that we were through. I tried reaching out to her through Cadance, but she never responded. I don’t know if you’ve seen her around, but if you do, don’t do anything that would get you in trouble. I don’t want you to ruin your opportunities on my account. Tell mom and dad and Spike I miss them.


P.S. Tell Spike to stay out of my mint comics. I’ll know if he’s been reading them.

He rolled up the scroll and sealed it with his rank insignia, then placed it in the drawer for safekeeping. Sleepy Time.

Removing his uniform, he tossed it into the corner and flopped onto the bed, his head hitting the pillow with a painful *thunk*

What the...

He sat up and grabbed the cushion, lifting it to reveal the damned plaque that he had thrown overboard earlier that day. On top was a note in familiar writing:

You dropped this.

Cursing the day he met Barrel Roll, Shining Armor picked up the plaque with his magic and turned to the small porthole window that gave him a view of the ocean. He fumbled around the edge for a few seconds before concluding that it was sealed tight, which was probably a solid design choice, but one that was quite vexing at the moment. Well, if tossing it overboard wasn’t enough, setting it on fire should do the trick. His horn began to glow as he summoned the magic for the spell, then he recalled that he was standing in the bowels of a wooden ship in the middle of an ocean. Okay, change of plans. I’ll set it on fire as I toss it overboard. He grabbed the oversized plaque and slammed the door open as he stepped into the hallway.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice the three cloaked figures crouched in front of Cadance’s door.

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