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Comic Review: Superman & Bugs Bunny 100-Page Spectacular · 8:55pm January 31st

This was a surprise I came across in my local comics shop a couple years ago – a reprint of a limited series from 2000. The first ever crossover between the DC Superheroes and the characters of Looney Tunes. Being a fan of both, at the time I bought it on a whim, enjoyed myself reasonably well, and then forgot I’d had it until just a few weeks ago.

Upon re-reading this comic, I was quite pleasantly surprised by just how well this charming miniseries holds up.

We open in Metropolis as Clark Kent and Lois Lane are investigating reports of a mysterious plane – the work of the villain Toyman, who’s planning a new crime spree. However, Clark is interrupted by the arrival of the fifth-dimensional imp Mr. Mxyzptlk, who is sowing chaos, literally, in the form of making knockoff Starbucks (“Czarbucks” :yay: ) and other tacky convenience stores pop up all over the city. Clark is able to trick Mxy into saying his name backwards, by posing as a customer and getting the imp to read off a list with the word “Kltpzyxm” on it.

At the same time as this, in the Looney Tunes world Elmer Fudd is up to business hunting Bugs Bunny, but the usual antics are interrupted by the arrival of the Dodo bird (from the black-and-white cartoon “Porky in Wackyland” – in a clever visual touch, the Dodo is drawn in black and white in contrast to all the other characters). The Dodo has left his homeland via dimensional transporter in search of new people to play tricks on and annoy, but he’s despondent because so many of the Looney Tunes cast are too zany for him to enjoy messing with. Bugs, inspired by a Superman comic, sends the Dodo away by getting him to say “Od-od”…

Mzyxptlk and the Dodo manage to collide with each other during teleportation, and wind up in a separate dimension to their original ones. Mxy, fed up with the superheroes, is delighted to meet another mischief-maker, and one who hails from a world without superpowered heroes too. The Dodo sends the imp to the Looney Tunes world to cause mayhem there… but Mxy swiftly regrets it, after rapid run-ins with Foghorn Leghorn (who pies him in the face), Daffy Duck (who drops an anvil on him), and the Tasmanian Devil (who tries to eat him).

However, Mxy’s dismay proves short-lived when he hits on a new idea for making chaos: dropping the Looney Tunes characters into the DC Universe! And what chaos it is too – ranging from Green Lantern encountering Marvin the Martian trying to blow up the Earth, to Aquaman encountering Yosemite Sam’s pirate ship, to Flash having run-ins with Speedy Gonzales and later the Roadrunner and Coyote. :rainbowlaugh: Unfortunately, Mxyzptlk and the Dodo’s alliance soon begins to crack, and the two mischief-makers compete to outdo each other in causing chaos among the two universes.

Soon, the dimensional transporter machine is being used to swap the roles of heroes and cartoons: Mxyzptlk swapping Superman’s powers with that of Elmer Fudd’s, and later the Dodo swapping Batman with Daffy Duck. (Words cannot begin to adequately express just how surreal the sight of Elmer Fudd with a spitcurl and Superman costume is. :rainbowlaugh: ) Even worse is that this is when the Toyman begins a new crime wave across Metropolis, Gotham and other cities. But don’t worry: the Justice League is on the case – with assistance from some assorted zany characters as well.

I won’t spoil the conclusion of the series, but as a whole, “Superman & Bugs Bunny” makes for a delightfully amiable read. Written by Mark Evanier with artwork by Joe Staton, this miniseries is a sweet and inoffensive mix between the world of Warner Bros. cartoons and the superheroes of DC Comics. Plenty of cameos abound from the Looney Tunes roster – ranging from Michigan J. Frog (who provides one of the best running gags in the whole event) to Henery Hawk, and even guys like Junyer Bear, Charlie Dog or freaking Pete Puma – as well as some clever little in-jokes for those savvy to some of the Warner Bros. cartoon creators. And on the DC front, while the story mostly focuses on Superman, naturally, there’s some fun/cute little moments with just about all the core members of the Justice League in one way or another. A particular highlight being a two-page splash panel of the DC heroes and the Looney Tunes getting to interact - ranging from Pepe le Pew trying to charm Wonder Woman, to Sylvester asking Batman if he likes birds, there's some cute little gags for about everyone there. :pinkiesmile:

The artwork for the comic is clean and appealing. The Looney Tunes gang are appropriately cartoony and colorful, while the DC heroes are rendered in a style that makes me think just a bit of Neal Adams, perhaps; for sure, this style definitely feels somewhat evocative of classic, Bronze Age comic books. A big part of the fun in reading this book is, admittedly, seeing the mix of art styles in the cartoon characters interacting with the more-realistic-looking superheroes, and on that front I definitely enjoy the way the artwork captures both worlds here.

And as for the story… well, it may not be a deep or thought-provoking a premise, but all the same, it doesn’t really need to be in my opinion. The fun of a story like this is in seeing the characters bounce off of each other, and on that front the script is perfectly serviceable and witty, especially in presenting the Looney Tunes characters and how the DC characters respond to them or their antics. Some choice in-jokes abound for fans of both the old cartoons and the superheroes; a favorite of mine being a gag where Bugs Bunny covers Elmer’s eyes and asks, “Guess who?” as he did in the cartoon “A Wild Hare”. In the original cartoon, Elmer responds by naming a variety of leading ladies from the day. Here, he lists the names of a variety of Superman actors. :raritywink:

During the latter half of the 2010s, DC Comics would revisit the premise of the Looney Tunes characters existing and interacting with its universe’s various heroes and villains – arguably to rather mixed results in most instances. But with this first effort, I think that by and large, they got it right. “Superman & Bugs Bunny” may not be essential reading for fans of either the Man of Steel or of the wascally wabbit, but it’s good lighthearted fun that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of those who enjoy the characters and their respective stories. :twilightsmile:

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Hehe. Sounds like a fun comic. ^^

Indeed. Definitely a good spot of light, silly fun in a four-issue package. :raritywink:

Well, it does sound like a fun crossover.

It definitely is a charming read. Nothing deep or substantial, but well, like I said, it doesn't really need to be. I mean, it's Bugs Bunny and co. meeting Superman and the Justice League. It just has to be fun. ^_^

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