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Releasing Amulet Chapter 16 tomorrow · 6:41pm Jan 29th, 2021

Once again, Seriff Pilcrow proved to be a gentleman, and a scholar.

...No, seriously, He's a great dude. The guy's going through the grind that is medical school, and when a class cancels on his schedule he generously takes some of his free time to finish editing through The Amulet of Shades' next chapter.

He couldn't get to all of it when he tried, and this I understand, but then he surprises me and flies through the rest on Thursday. Awesome. Give his story some love, folks --> Spectrum of Lightning.

So chapter 16 will pick up where chapter 15 left off. Y'know, where Tempest and Meadow got captured by the Lunar Agent hot on their heels, Narcisse. They got away, but they aren't out of the woods yet... Meanwhile, the nature of the problem begins to ring a few bells in Canterlot. This marks the first time Amulet brings the whole Mane Six together. Was a fun scene to write.

Fun fact: my brother's family got treated to VIP service at the best (and oldest - 1892) Italian Bakery in New York City, Ferrara's Bakery. Seriously, they were allowed to bypass the block-long line and go into the basement and sample the canolli cream as if they were family. I won't share the details of why they were offered such special treatment, that's private, but now I'm jealous. Next time I'm in New York I'm going there to have a Holy Cannoli.

Yum. (Down, Pinkie! Quit licking my laptop screen!) :pinkiecrazy:

In other news, I believe my daughter is done doing her Amulet of Shades comic. She is too concerned with getting ready to apply to college, and her fandom is moving on into other directions. She'll still make art for chapters released here (heh, I love the one for tomorrow's release) but otherwise, the gal is inspired to do other things. Will her muse draw her back to continuing to pony on? Who knows, but was fun while we did it.

As for me, I owe it to her and myself to finish this story, so chapter 17 is already in the works.

Sparkle Cola:twilightsmile:

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