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Hn · 5:34am Jan 29th, 2021

How long has it been... since the end of everything?

The death of the universe and its subsequent rebirth... witnessing it, causing it, giving it life anew... I don't know.

Billions of years flashed by as I slumbered, haunted by dreams of death, failure; watching everyone I've ever loved die before me. All my friends, my comrades, companions, and lovers---all died before my eyes---fighting to save existence from complete and total annihilation.

Ars Goetia, the King of Demon Gods, and his 72 Demon God Pillars were something I've never believed I'd have to fight in my lifetime. Entire continents, entire planets, STARS, destroyed by their power. Honestly? I think watching every planet, every moon, every star, solar system, galaxy disintegrate before my eyes were more horrifying than their combined power. He truly was a genius with his application of the Fifth True Magic. The ritual Goetia concocted ended and the entire universe was horrifyingly magnificent. As the wielder of the First, Fifth's opposite. I couldn't help but applaud. Even though I killed him, he still won. His objective to remake the universe in his own image came to fruition, however. He knew he was incapable of creation. Thus, he needed me to complete the spell.

A universe without Gods. Without Magic. Without anything Supernatural. A universe where only mortals can decide their fate. If only it didn't come at such a cost...

The First True Magic: Denial of Nothingness, The Creation of Everything: A magic capable of creating anything and everything, and altering what has already been created. My Magic, that I acquired when I reached the heart of the Multiverse, the realm in which the Aspects reside. A realm where all the laws, rules, and regulations that govern everything in the multiverse and gives it meaning: Akasha, the Root of Existence. I wonder when Goetia discovered when I reached the Root? He told me himself that he waited for someone to acquire the First for his plan. He was even happier when he discovered that I was the one to acquire it. I'm still not sure how he knew. If I was a little more observant. I could have stopped him.

I can't even ask my loved ones for help. Goetia's spell erased everything, including their souls. Nothing remained. I could have brought them back to life! But without their souls I...! I... I can't! If only I knew! I could have saved them!

My friends!

My family!

My wives!

My children!

I can't!

Now I'm back to where I've started...


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I have no idea how I even found this, but I would read.

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