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Scheduling Update: Everything went better than expected · 3:58am Jan 28th, 2021

I'm moving the release dates of the final chapter and epilogue up, slightly.

I always take the necessary time to make sure my writing is the best it can be before I release it, but I mean... the draft is done. My own editing pass is done. My other editor's editing pass is done. The graphic that's going to be included in the chapter was finished early. It's... pretty much ready to go, barring a final, careful check of it vs. my outline and character development sheets, which I'll do tomorrow. I don't think waiting any longer than that will improve what I've got any further.

So yeah, the new dates are Chapter 20 on Friday morning, Jan 29th and Epilogue on Sunday evening, January 31st. Less than four days from the time of this post, the story will be available in its entirety.

See you soon for that!

Comments ( 4 )

Woo hoo! I was already excited for this but now it's coming early, too!

The release date of "Friday morning" has made me realize that I have no idea what time zone you're in... Or what "morning" means

I'm perfectly happy just refreshing the page every hour, though

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