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    Starting over.

    For several reasons, I have decided to delete all my stories and start over. This wasn't an easy decision to make, and I guarantee that part of me will regret it in the future. However, I do believe that this is for the best. Now, if you are a fan of one of my current stories, then don't worry. I am planning on rewriting all of them. Thank you for reading and hopefully, I'll have some more

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    So, I've been watching My Little Pony, and my feelings for some ships have changed. I started shipping characters that I didn't and stopped shipping a few that I used to. So, I decided to stop the ship posts, but fret not. I am planning on writing a story titled "My Little Romance". This will be a series of one shots, and each chapter will focus on a different pairing. some of these will be

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    Ship #16 (Long Post)

    characters: Discord x Fluttershy
    Shipname: Fluttercord

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    Ship #15

    Characters: Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo/Muffins x Doctor Whooves/Time Turner
    Ship name: TimeMuffins

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    Ship #14

    characters: Rainbow Dash x Applejack
    ship name: AppleDash

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Ship #14 · 7:46pm January 22nd

characters: Rainbow Dash x Applejack
ship name: AppleDash
Reason: i think that they have enough compatible traits to be a happy couple. However, there will be moments where Dash's lazy, competitive nature will clash with Applejack's hardworking, stubborn nature. But I think that would just a minor bump in their relationship. Plus, it is arguably canon. (Depending on how you read their interaction in the Last Problem)

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