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I Too Have Kitchen Towel

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    It be funny. Also, a new generation is soon upon us, after this summer. Not sure to be excited or not because of the G4 fics. Maybe we’ll be able to fit both in. Idk. Anyway, have a kitchen towel

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    Aight, here we go. Time to continue for...oh fuck.

    Yeah well I fucked up. I had no idea it would take this long to get into the On the Road groove. So now I solemnly swear to finish this latest arc. The Las Peagesus arc. Yeeeeee. So basically that’s the jist of it. The reason why?

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Acting Like I’m Well Known · 8:03am January 22nd

Yo, so I’m gonna focus on Something Something I Love You for a while. It’s gonna be 75% improv, making it very enjoyable to write. It also makes it easy as fuck. On the Road is in no way cancelled or even in a hiatus. It’s just gonna be left alone for a week or two. Watch me fuck that up by uploading something the next day.

Anyway, I’m still adjusting to writing and that shit, so I want to stick with something light, easy, and basically a comedy yarn. Basically Something Something I Love You. Don’t worry, my 8 followers and 2 of you who actually care: I’m still gonna put a lot of sweat, hard work, and other excretions that happen to get mixed into that fic. After all, I hate comedies that are not funny, especially when they are titled as comedies as like, there main gimmick. wAcKy situations don’t count.

Guy (or girl, see, I’m considerate) in a couple of months: real ironic comping from the dick who released the most unfunny fic of all time.

Ahh. My heart at my own insult.

A lot of this shit pops into my head during the afternoon, which is where I can write in the right state of mind. Damn, I should be a rapper. Anyway, the crazily shit I think of is late at night. It’s a problem that I’m not willing to fix. Because that would mean sleep and my sleep paralysis demon says that isn’t good.

Hopefully my immense charm and realtibility has made you be like, “Wow! This guy is amazing! He’s funny, silly, and he curses, so that must mean he’s cute!:yay:

It’s really cause it’s late as fuck and I don’t want to sleep due to this fan looking like my dead hamster, but, eh. See? Cooooooolllllllll. Anyway read it or don’t read it. I don’t care. Must be freezing you to death with my coolness, I know.

Alright, I’ll stop being pretentious and say, Adios.


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