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  • 24 weeks
    From My Eyes to Yours Results.

    We're back with the results from our fun little poll. Which wasn't so much a vote as much as it was one pony running a clinic. But first, the other results!

    There were many ones and twos, as you may expect, but there were some clear favorites.

    With 4 votes: Twilight and Rara.
    With 5 votes: Starlight and Luna.

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  • 24 weeks
    Revival with a Poll: From My Eyes To Yours.

    A story I am quite interested in reviving another old story of mine for the simple reason: it's a simply anthology story, I find second-person stories an interesting way to write, and there are now MANY options when it comes to characters to pick from.

    In efforts of that, let me ask you a fun little question:

    Please pick three

    -Sunset Shimmer
    -Rainbow Dash

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    15 comments · 141 views
  • 24 weeks
    January News!

    For the month of January we have some pretty nice updates and a spicy new story. I'm excited to hear your thoughts.

    First of all, the new story:

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  • 25 weeks
    A Spicy Little Question.

    Do you taste that? My soup. It's a spicy soup with some hot sauce in it. It'll curl your toes with how spicy it is; take a whiff.

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NEW STORY: Sweet Siren Seashell Switch-Up · 10:59pm January 21st

It started out as a grift, how did it end up like this?

A common thought that slips into the head of your everyday huckster and trickster once in a while. Especially one that either finds themselves at the end of a copper's club, or knee-deep in a shallow grave. But on rare occasions, it's a thought that strikes a particularly remorseful soul that finds themselves collecting a bit too much off of a mark.

Today, Trixie Lulamoon is one such shyster. But even the most staunch of moralities—as low as a thief's may be already—there are some pots that can't be turned down.

I invite you to check it out, comment, like, pass it around, and above all enjoy this tale of trickery, temptation, and another T.

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