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  • 6 days
    Current Status Of My Stories

    ALL stories I have been working on, published or unpublished, are or are staying ON HIATUS INDEFINITELY. I will not be editing my older stories, canceled or completed. Whenever I get on, it will probably be for keeping my profile updated. If you want to receive updates for when I finally create a chapter, track the story.

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  • 18 weeks
    Hiatus Update

    Hi I'm alive school's just been a pain so I don't have time to work on anything else. ALSO does anyone want me to just republish Amnesia currently only the first chapter has been edited and apparently someone stole and attempted to copyright the fanfic so they technically stole my OCs too they changed the name of the fanfic as well so I can't find them :(

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  • 37 weeks
    A Small Update on My Stories.

    I've been editing Amnesia recently. I've only got chapters one and two done though. I haven't really had the motivation to finish Chapter Nine of TDMoNE (The Death Mansion of No Escape). I just published Chapter Eight since I forgot to post it, I finished it back in August. The last thing I added to Chapter Nine of TDMoNE was back in November, so I really haven't been working on it, and I

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  • 82 weeks
    Editing Amnesia

    I can barely read it. I might end up revoking the submission and rewriting it. I'll try to make it somewhat readable, but I won't edit too much, since it's currently a bit confusing as to whether it's in second or third person and I don't have many ideas for it. The story was initially written to be in second person, but I ended up changing my mind. If I do rewrite it, however, it'll be in second

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  • 87 weeks
    The Death Mansion of No Escape

    This post will be updated as the story is updated.

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The Death Mansion of No Escape · 10:14pm Jan 20th, 2021

This post will be updated as the story is updated.
I will be editing and possibly rewriting Chapter 6 of The Death Mansion of No Escape before continuing Chapter 7, so Chapter 6 will not be available to read for the time being. I'm currently reviewing Chapter 5 for any need of editing. I will be leaving the other chapters alone since well I can't really do anything about them, but I'll be editing the full thing before marking it complete once I finish.
I will no longer be writing the chapters of this or any future stories/fanfics straight onto FimFiction, I will be writing them onto Google Docs first so I can review and edit the chapter better, so no more early previews of chapters, and I no longer have deadlines for any chapters either so I can finish all my homework first to avoid being yelled at and have more free time.
Edit: I have re-published Chapter Six, but I'm unfortunately still reviewing Chapter 5.
Edit 2: I've finished reviewing and editing Chapter 5, I will be reviewing and editing the other chapters once I finish Chapter 7.
Edit 3: I've editing the description to fit what's currently happening better.

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