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A choice for my readers · 7:48pm Jan 19th, 2021


Where has clopficsinthecomments been for the last 2 months? Has he been sitting around, doing nothing? Not writing at all?

No. Not at all.

I have been, this entire time, re-writing mission failed as you all had requested during the poll I set a few months back.

At a rate of about 1000 words an hour (after editing and re-writes), I'm now approaching a word count of about 70,000 words of clopfiction. Yes, that's right.


And I'm only maybe 80% through? I'm not even done the clopscene yet, and then I'll have to do the denouement, so... yeah.

Now, I want to pose a choice to you all, as now is about the right time to ask: how would you all like to consume such a gargantuan story?

Would you like to see it all posted in one go, a gigantic mass of chapters and words for you to peruse at your whim? Or would you like to have a chapter released week by week, a drip-feed of a few tens of thousands of words here and there so you can digest it?

If the former, you'll probably be waiting until February (maybe even March) to get your first taste of the story. If the latter, I can start posting chapters almost immediately, as I'm sure that I can stay ahead of the tide with how much content I have produced.

Let me know in the strawpoll here.

I'll check the results tomorrow!

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Definitely drip it down slowly. I am all for overwhelming quantity, but sometimes you just have to savior the taste.

Oh as for the story, the weekly thing sounds good.

Definitely voting for the slow drip. Can't wait for it to start dropping.

All in for slow drip. It's not even about 'getting it now'. It's about not gorging all the content but savoring the taste.

There's only a problem if the reader doesn't know whether the story will ever be finished, but that's not an issue here.

In any case, holy fuck this sounds like an amazing gift, thank you!

I recommend to post it slowly; like one chapter per week (like every monday).
Also, make sure to mention this in the description.

That way you can start posting before everything is finished, giving you earlier comments (and feedback) by your readers.
Additionally posting an extreme long story at once will scare many potential readers away.

Omg yaas :yay:
I've been praying for this story to continue, I'm so stoked.

Slow drip.

I'm not even done the clopscene yet, and then I'll have to do the denouement, so... yeah.

I read this as "I haven't even wrote the clopscene yet" and that's a laugh. There is tons and tons of clop in this thing!

I do admire the fact that you've allowed the story to breathe between sex scenes and allowed for a more natural scene progression. This is a step in the right direction for your writing, in my opinion.

Thanks AJA.

But don't be too hasty, I plan to task you with writing the A/N for each chapter :)

That's not even a choice. Drip feed away.

I neeeeeed this. Especially since I loved the original take so much; I'm scared of if a full rewrite can really live up to the magic that made the original work for me. Don't keep me in suspense any longer!

You won't have much longer to wait. I'm writing the author's note for the re-written chapter 1 at the moment per Cloppy's request which you can expect to be posted sometime this week.

The rewrite is objectively better, though personal tastes and nostalgia may or may not impact the enjoyment of the work for you. I'm hoping you enjoy it.

Release date confirmed as Friday. Get hyped! :yay:

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