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Meet the Characters (Bios and Pics of OCs) · 5:40am Jan 18th, 2021

In my fic Fellowship is Miraculous, there are several OCs featured in addition to known ponies.
Here are a list of them (Photos are in the links):

Sharp Iron:
The main antagonist and Lead Pastor of Ponyville First Baptist. A devout stallion who seeks to serve as a Bible teacher and a role model to those around him.

Glowing Wool:
Childhood friend of Sharp Iron, serving as both assistant Pastor to Sharp Iron as well as tending to his herd of sheep in his spare time.

The sweet and cheerful secretary of Ponyville First Baptist, Charity is well known for serving others in need.

Sweet Iron:
The devoted wife of Sharp Iron. The two of them met at Equestrian Baptist Theological Seminary where she trained in counseling.

Hard Iron:
The father of Sharp Iron and a retired Pastor. Currently spends his "retirement" sitting on the Board of Elders.

Shiny Iron:
The mother of Sharp Iron and a retired school teacher. Many in Ponyville still look up to her for her kindness.

Sharp Iron Jr.
The young son of Sharp and Sweet Iron. He wants to be a Pastor like his father someday.

Wrought Iron:
The old-timey ancestor of the Iron family who helped establish Ponyville. His influence has long echoed through his descendants.

Ebony Breeze:
A formerly wild 'n' free jailbird who has now changed her ways. She has worked to change the lives of others around her, including Trixie

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