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    The last blog i posten? Ignore it...

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    Yakuza Paradise update

    Yakuza Paradise will have the next chapter on Tuesday because it will be quite long and I have another story I am rewriting for a friend. That is all folks!

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    Did You All Hear?

    Princess Cadance is safe, but holy potatoes! I remember yesterday when I went into Fimfiction, I checked through my ”Media” to see what was up. Then I hear that Princess Cadance was going to commit suicide. This is not a joking matter by the way! It is very serious and a lot of people struggle with depression every day. From what I have read, there was a few... Questionable things going on in

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    Sorry Everypony

    I seem to have some laptop issues. The screen is completely black and there is no cursor. I might write on my ipad (which I am doing right now) to write and edit. If it doesn't work tomorrow I will take it to where I bought it. Anyways, so if you see more bad grammar than you usually do then it is because of autocorrect. Have a good day/night.

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    Crazy shit happening

    Man music, is beautiful, right? I agree. I like hip-hop, gangster rap. But, the problem is, that the biggest gangster rapper a white Swedish rapper last year has been kidnapped by what people believe to be Yasin, Haval and (maybe) EURO. The reason? He was making money and the fact that he acts as if he was above them. There is also a theory that he might have done something else as well but

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I need help! · 3:08pm January 14th

Hello everypony!

I have a serious need of help. You see, i recently bought a brand new laptop, and it was working fine. That is, until today when i downloaded a gaming website to my computer. It said that it would make some changes, but it has completely changed my keyboard! Well, except for a few minor things. Does anypony know how to reset it.

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Maybe i can help you out. And i said maybe so what's is the problem

Oh, it is no problem anymore, i managed to fix it. But, thanks for the response!

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