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I used to wonder.

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Revanchism Art #04 · 10:04am Jan 8th, 2021

When Desert Storm first encountered Mardissa Granthis, she wasn't particularly friendly.

I commissioned 1Jaz for this one. His mechanical details are top-notch!


The Marbo Eliminator is an odd, anachronistic weapon by Confederate standards. It is a break-action 23mm smoothbore shotgun with four bores machined into the same barrel. It takes ten stacked caseless cartridges in each barrel, giving it a forty-round capacity. The rounds are set off electronically by induction coils in the barrel, rather than using conventional percussion primers.

Because there are no moving parts, the rate of fire on this weapon is extremely high. It can be fired in semi-auto or in full-auto mode, dialed up to 3000 rounds per minute in increments of 100 rpm, as the user desires. When fired at the maximum fire rate, power armor is necessary to absorb the tremendous recoil, which would send the weapon rocketing out of the user's hand, otherwise.

Reloading is somewhat tedious. The rounds can be loaded individually, which takes a very long time, or with a large speedloader that fills all four chambers at once. Eliminators can fire shot pellets, but they are typically used as mini-grenade launchers, with 23mm HE slugs that can reduce an armored soldier to a wet smear on the ground in the blink of an eye.

Mardissa's customized Eliminator has a plasma sword fitted to it and a custom stock that is whittled down between the receiver and the butt so it can be gripped like a sword handle. These features most certainly do not come standard.

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She looks much cuter then how I pictured her

My mental image of Mar was always something like “Wendy, but instead of serving burgers and fries, she serves a piping hot plate of death”. Like, “Hi, welcome to Death Wendy’s!” :pinkiecrazy:

Huh, not gonna lie I had a more 40k-esque idea of Confed power armor. Was more or less expecting something like Adeptus Sororitas power armor at the least, and Adeptus Astartes at most.

Their stuff is definitely not that ornate. Most of their power armor is function-over-form. This particular example is actually fancier-looking than what they usually use. Mar’s ruined suit was Light Power Armor, usually used by people with augmentations, like Gaffs (or Mar herself, obviously). The versions used by the Gafalze Arresgrippen have helmets with no visible eyepieces, like Blacklight: Retribution. There are cameras on the outside and a stereo display on the inside, allowing them to be fully enclosed. Light power armor uses a powered artificial muscle suit, like in Crysis or Halo, allowing it to be nearly form-fitting.

Their Heavy Power Armor is smaller than a battlesuit, but still slightly out-sized physically compared to the wearer, with larger and more powerful actuators. Those have ballistic glass covered in tubular frames for the wearer’s head. Think of a MAX from Planetside, or an Exosuit from Aliens vs. Predator, or an AMP suit from Avatar (but smaller). Those are designed for unaugmented operators.

I expected her suit to be more form fitting then bulky. I was also picturing her with a more human face. I like the horns and pointy ears

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