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behold, the saddest scene yet in the Pony-Me reboot. · 8:51am January 8th

Remember how there was that plan snippet about Lisa abandoning her oatmeal?

Yeah. I just finished writing that part.

Lisa gave a nod, fishing her bacon out of the oatmeal with her spoon. “Yeah. I think that when I return to the simulation—man, that still sounds weird—I’ll try and help out from the inside. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do? I want to help protect my home, after al—”

“—Actually,” Timothy stood up with his empty plate. “Lis, save it for later. We’re already late as it is to meet with Samantha.”

“But my oatmeal—”

“You wanna come or not? It’s alright if you leave your bowl on the table. One of the volunteer janitors will probably take it away. And besides, we can come back for more food later! It’s a breakfast buffet.”

Lisa stared at her practically-untouched oatmeal.


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