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    Get outta my sandwich!

    Inspired by this clip from the most recent asdfmovie

    "HEEEEYY!!!!" Akula growled, pointing a bloodied hoof at a innocent ham sandwich sitting on a table. "Get outta my sandwich!"

    The sandwich just sat there, until the top bread lifted up, revealing a miniature pony lying down in the sandwich.

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    Hello, once again!

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    And here we go again!

    Hey, guys. Akula966 here, with more information for your lovely weekends.

    Looks like the camping fever hasn't died off where I live, cause guess what? I'm about to go YET ANOTHER camping trip. This one won't be as long, but still I will not be online until Monday.

    I'm very sorry guys, but I will be back soon!

    Until then!

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    Where r My Nuggers?!

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Fuck · 3:56am January 8th

Just had a great holiday at Hastings Point, but had to cut it one day short.


Because Queensland now has placed a three-day lockdown on the Greater Brisbane area due to a confirmed case of a COVID-19 strain that came from the UK. Yep, great way to start off 2021.

Cue the pissed off changeling noises.

(Just FYI, I am home safe and all is well on my end.)

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Comments ( 15 )

Hope things go ok for ya out there and is it bad Cue the pissed off changeling noises. made me laugh so hard

Let's be honest here...

We all knew shit like this was gonna happen in 2021 xD

Let's hope COVID doesn't last for much longer

Thanks for your concern, but I'm am fine where I am right now.

Hey Buddy, I might have something that'll cheer you up.

Also is that changeling in your pfp your oc

I'm listening.

Yeah, that's Akula. Why do you ask?

Because he looks adorable and I wanna bop him

You actually already beat me to it. I was going to tell you I started the Great Karzola Riot.

:rainbowderp: Is he now? He's supposed to be scary.


BTW, check out the post I did on All-Out. If you are already apart of that group, that is.

Boops and hugs the adorable changeling

(I might just be biased and find lings adorable)

I'm sorry friend. I've been down a little more than usual because of two day ago.

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