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I am the Storm Scribe. Let my words thunder across all creation! Let my imagination rain down and bring life to new worlds and adventures. Above all else, may you enjoy what meager gifts I bring...

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    I don't want to think about this anymore

    I'm giving myself a headache.

    Let's change the subject.




    Which ones are your favorite and why?

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I don't want to think about this anymore · 11:50pm Jan 6th, 2021

I'm giving myself a headache.

Let's change the subject.




Which ones are your favorite and why?

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Eevee, because they are cute and have unlimited potential.

Piplup, because penguins are cute.

Ooh, tough call. I do have a soft spot for Castform. It's a neat gimmick and Gen 3 may be my overall favorite.

Not much of a Pokemon fan.
I recently played Risk of Rain 2. Hell of a damn good game, even if the RNG is pure evil.

Magneton, as it looks cool, is strong, and carried me through Moon

Gardevoir, since it’s strong, was one of my mains in Hoenn, and it’s Pokédex entry describes it as being a super protective friend of a Pokémon who’s literally called the embrace Pokémon

Haxorus, because it’s a freaking dinosaur with axe blades coming out of its face

I personally have a lot of favorites. Flareon is my absolute favorite because they are cute and fuzzy and warm, although I do love all of the Eeveelutions.

The Popplio and Oshawott lines have one a place in my heart for their designs... plus a desire to be protective off them because of the initial backlash against them from haters.

Salazzle I adored from the getgo. She's just so dang sassy-looking.

Palossand is another favorite. A creepy sandcastle ghost! What's not to love?

The Sobble line is another favorite. Honestly, I just love water-starters in general. Although the Fennekin and Torchic lines do have their appeal to me.

I like Alcremie. There's just something adorable about it.

There's a lot I like, honestly.

Roserade for me :3

Blaziken, because they're badass and sexy.

1. Tyrantrum
2. Aurorus
3. Sableye
4. Flygon

Of course, I have lots more favorites but those my favorite four.

Miltank because of how surprisingly tough it is and one of its abilities let it hit ghosts which I find funny
Mawile because I love the design of both it and its mega evolution, it has both a cute and cool look to it.
Goodra for its great stats and how happy and cuddly looking it is.
And lastly Unown because they may be weak individually but if you get enough of them working together their strength and potential rivals and sometimes exceeds that some of the most powerful legendary pokemon.

Gotta give it to my first fire type starter, Cyndaquil. The line has some great versatility. Although Eevee is a close second due to the potential it has.

Gotta say Smeargle, everybody loves paintdoggo

Furfrou, Alcremie, Lopunny, Lucario, Kommo-o, and Wooloo are good too!

Lucario. Yes, I know it's overpromoted furry bait, but god damn it I just love its visual design, and in Gen 4 when it came out, a Fighting-type focused on Special moves was really, really cool.

I have TWO top faves, one is Charizard due to him being one of Ash's pokemon and because of how COOL he looks, and the second is the one and only MEWTWO, I like him because he is most likely why Ash still looks 10 years old after all this time.

Onyx, it *giggles* ...Rocks....

Oh alright I'll see myself out

I'm not going to count Legendaries.

It looks so cute in the face, still is a dragon and I imagine that they give amazing hugs.

It's so happy!

Fennekin evolution set.
They're all adorable as hell, they're Fennec Foxes, and are Psychic type, opening the possibility of active communication.

I just feel so sad for it.

Long-time favourite, from way back, when there was only 151.


Probably Blaziken? Idk why, but it's just cool. I love its Mega Form too.

Mm... If you include Legends, I gotta say Rayquaza and Zekrom. The former is mainly cuz it looks awesome and Emerald is my birthstone, the latter cuz I just really like it.

Out of non-legends... Cofagrigus. I love Egyptian mythology!

Blaziken because it was my first starter, and the fire starters are always best. But when I was a kid and didn't know how stats worked, it was Ditto, because Ditto could literally be every other Pokémon.

Pikachu, because my introduction was the show (followed closely by the original gameboy games), with Blastoise coming in as a close second, and Mew coming in third. Blastoise was my favorite starter, and Mew just looked cool. Didn't help that I snagged a toy of him before they all sold out.

Littern, it is a cat

Eevee, multiform fox

Yammpa, Corgi with heart stamp on its bum

Blaziken because Torchic was my first ever starter and when sufficiently levelled up, is strong enough to carry me through 3 of the Hoenn Elite 4 in Emerald.

Eeveelutions, Mightyena, Houndoom, Blaziken, Infernape...

Mewtwo, the legendaries and the eeveelutions

Gengar, love that mischievous pokemon.

Swampert, only weak to grass types? Yes please.

Eevee, the most adorable pokemon in my opinion.

Magnezone, kills everything.


Marowak and Dragonite. Because I only played G1, Dragonite is a dragon, hard to get to stage 3 in Red & Blue and there is that episode in the show where a giant one appears near a light house. And Marowak because he wears a skull for a mask. I think in the game it even states its the skull of it's dead mother? Hardcore!

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