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How to recognize your fandom's nazi/fascist problem · 12:48am January 5th

So a new video has come out about the subject, and although I can't link it here as there's a bunch of swastikas, it was made by The Kavernacle if you want to go and look it up.

As a former alt-rightoid I can comfortably say that there is indeed a nazi-problem in the community. Of course, those nazis will deny it top from bottom, as being a nazi is indefensible. So they'll attempt to deflect and say that they aren't, or engage in typical right-wing projection in calling lefties nazis. Thusly, it's important that everyone recognize just how the alt-right and neo-nazis like to operate online. In this blog post, I'm going to prepare a list of rules you can apply when looking at someone's behavior to help determine if they're alt-right, generously aided by Innuendo Studio's: Alt-Right Playbook series.


Rule 1: Never assume good faith

To the right, there is no such thing as good faith. They have to be misleading and untruthful when they talk, because their positions are frowned upon by the vast majority of humans. The alt-right will always attempt to control the conversation. They will not answer any arguments you bring up with sound logic, rather they'll continually deflect and move the goalposts until the argument goes nowhere.

"Hey, Nazi iconography isn't really cool and it makes me feel uncomfortable"

"Lol look at this libtard getting triggered over a drawing, it's free-speech if you don't like it leave."

"Yes you have a right to free speech, but Nazi iconography is politically charged and represents genociding people. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable and excludes people, could you please not? By the way, the first amendment only guarantees protections from the state. Your words can have consequences in private and civil matters."

"Omgwtf I'm being CENSORED right now! Look at how disgusting and abhorrent this LEFT-WINGER is. They're the real NAZI."

The right knows being a nazi is indefensible so they'll say they're just advocating for 'free speech'. While at the same time calling for you to be punished and projecting everything onto you.

Rule Number 2: Don't let them deflect

The alt-right can't handle arguments, and are fundmentally incapable of defending themselves in an argument. Rather, every argument must be a full on offense of making accusations and saying that the other side must disprove them, when everyone knows the burden of proof belongs to the accuser. Then, once they've made their accusations and rampantly deflected, they'll try and claim falsehoods about themselves while putting you into some pre-defined box so they can dismiss your argument, ex "Simp", "Cuck", "Libtard", etc.

The video goes far more into detail about this segment, but they'll always do this sort of 'argument', especially where everyone else can see.

Rule Number 3: Always assume they're trying to change mainstream views to suit their narratives.

Language and Public Perception are extremely powerful tools for anyone involved in a culture conflict

Nazis and other alt-rightoids have a common shared culture, a sense of numbers and shared language. Channers can be recognized by their speech patterns, behaviors and choice of words and memes. And while not every channer is a nazi, it's an infamous right-wing cesspit and it's about half the draw. And as all nazis are ought to do, they love to proselytize onto other boards.

Rule Number 4: Be aware of matryoshka arguments

Again, here's another video by Innuendo. That goes far more into detail about the subject

Right-wingers will try and cloak their argument in progressive ideaology and use vague definitions of words to try and slip their ideas into the wider narrative. They'll use any argument they think they can get away with. One of the worst arguments about this being that they'll try to divide the community. Coming in and telling you sweetened soundbites of information. "Those leftists are the real nazis. The Nazis were socialist my dude. Just ignore the mass killing of left-wingers under the Nazi regime." or "That dude wants to take away your wank-fics because he thinks alot of it objectifies women and comes across as repulsive to alot of people." It's standard abusive partner tactics. Standard cult tactics. They want you isolated and thinking everyone around you is out to get you, so you're easier to recruit.

Rule Number 5: Pay attention to their lexicon, bigotry is often shrouded in euphamisms.

Right-wingers usually can't speak their drivel until the overton window has shifted far enough for them to feel comfortable, up until then they will cloak it in seemingly innocuous phrases.

According to the right. Supporting Aryanne and other deeply right-wing ideas in the community is just a position of 'Free-Speech', while at the same time they screech to the high heavens whenever someone uses their free-speech to say that it's not okay. Or if they espouse a humanitarian view like: "Black Lives Matter", they'll scream about politics being brought into the fandom. Meanwhile they're making 'totally ironic' jokes about gassing people and genocide.

Let me clarify things for any serial fence-sitter out there that's feeling the pressure of the fencepost on their puckered rims. The alt-right doesn't care about free-speech. Free-speech goes out the moment they hold majority power, and can start actively discriminating against people. This will escalate to them killing you if you're a dissident or an 'undesireable'. You are not immune to propaganda. Authortarian right-wingers will twist your liberal views on speech to suit their own ends through appealing to your shared political terminology and worldview.

"It's just a joke bro", or "It's just fiction bro" is often slang for "I really hate this group of x people, and I want bad things to happen to them. So I vent through writing or drawing this. That way I have 'deniability'". This isn't just limited to horse fiction. It's an endemic component of right-wing memes. It doesn't matter if you think that 'killing or converting all the muslims' is extreme. They just need you to be complacent enough in their ideology for you not to question all the people being railroaded to 'work camps'.

Rule Number 6: Norms and rules are just a suggestion to the right, always assume power is all that matters to them

This point isn't so much revealing about the right, it's more for you in the crowd who still hold onto notions of civility and 'coming together'.

When I was a nazi chud. I never got into an argument or sided with people in good faith, looping back to my first point. Rules, laws and civility didn't matter. What mattered was trying to turn people over to my ideaology, and chasing out everyone I disagreed with. Thankfully, like most pigheaded nazis, I was easy to spot and tossed out of places I tried to proselytize. The right will use any attempt at centrism or 'unity' to further their own positions and exploit the willing vulnerability of the other party. This is how the right works. You can see it in mainstream politics, just look at the US filling a supreme court seat on an election year over the judge's warm corpse. Or how their soon-to-be-ex-president is being a tin-pot dictator and trying to stage a coup despite being a senile old narcissist.

I'm reminded of a song by Heilung when it comes to right-wing extremists, and other people throughout history that tried to build empires over the bones of other people.

What am I supposed to do
If I want to talk about peace and understanding
But you only understand the language of the sword
What if I want to make you understand that the path you chose leads to downfall
But you only understand the language of the sword
What if I want to tell you to leave me and my beloved ones in peace
But you only understand the language of the sword

I let the blade do the talking...
So my tongue shall become iron
And my words the mighty roar of war
Revealing my divine anger's arrow shall strike

All action for the good of all
I see my reflection in your eyes
But my new age has just begun

The sword is soft
In the fire of the furnace
It hungers to be hit
And wants to have a hundred sisters
In the coldest state of their existence
They may dance the maddest
In the morass of the red rain

Beloved brother enemy
I sing my sword song for you
The lullaby of obliteration
So I can wake up with a smile
And bliss in my heart
And bliss in my heart
And bliss in my heart

Coexistence, Conflict, combat
Devastation, regeneration, transformation
That is the best I can do for you

I see a grey gloom on the horizon
That promises a powerful sun to rise
To melt away all moons
It will make the old fires of purification
Look like dying embers
Look like dying embers
Look like dying embers

There is no civility. Do not show mercy, for you will receive none. They will only respect power, so exercize it when you can and remove people who promote vile nazi shit from your communities. Tolerance of intolerance is reductive and only leads to more intolerance.

Rule 7: The right is two-faced, they say one thing and mean another

The Right, even when they should ideologically disagree. Will cooperate and take eachothers points. I honestly can't share much more insight than Innuendo puts out here. When I was in the right, our political positions didn't matter so much so long as we both agreed to exclusively hate on the other wing of politics. Libright, Authright, they both agree on one thing: Fuck everyone who isn't us.

Rule 8: Far-Right people don't share the same reality as you do

It's quite obvious that decades of poor education and misinformation has created entire generations with endemic and systemic brain-rot. This can easily be seen in the United States today, where the party of 'patriots' and people who 'love freedom' want to open up everything, have thousands to millions more die from a preventable pandemic. The party of people claiming they love their country, while calling for secession and the extermination of the other political party. The party of pro-life, that hates poor people and is okay with them being shipped off to foreign countries to get their legs blown off furthering US corporate hegemony overseas. The party that is currently saying the US elections are a fraud and that we should have a dictator/trump monarchy.

This is intentional. It's what backwards conservative policies since the 60s have been leading to. Powerful people got together in opposition to Roosevelt and the New Deal Coalition, and they conspired to poison the American populace. Starting with Nixon, and kicking into overdrive with Raegan. What you're seeing now is the culmination of years of propagandization. Of churches being co-opted into being nothing more than a GOP recruitment platform. Of Fox-News, of right-wing extremism targeting middle aged to old white men who are upset the world has changed.

Rule 9: Conversion is the goal

They want you to be a nazi, and they'll abuse your vulnerability in any way they can.

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I'm well aware of this blog post. It's more Titty screaming she's a victim.

This reminds me of Bulbagarden: Political Pokémon to the Rescue, a video of that accused the owners of a Pokémon fansite of being pedos (suspiciously, no-one else was talking about this) that was full of racist jokes. Anyone who didn't like how the message was presented was harassed in the comments.

I also saw an Applejack's plantation drawing on Derpibooru. The only comment said that SJWs can't take a joke, so I was too scared to report it.

When others claim to not notice fascism in the fandom, they selectively ignore pretty much every brony discord server having alt-right memes regularly, some ban "politics" yet you can easily find memes implying trans people, black people, Jewish people are subhuman, or other white nationalist rhetoric, it's often masked in dogwhistles but it's frequent enough to be uncomfortable.

But bringing it up in many of these servers is "political" and will get you banned lmao, the fact that bigotry is basically deemed "apolitical" so long as "it's just a joke", proves that fascist rhetoric is normalized in our community.

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