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    My name is Mike White, and I have been on this site for a year now. Many of you know me for my comments and their colorful wordage. If you've seen these, you've most likely have noticed the lack of grammar. I am writing this blog to let you know that this has changed. I, Mike White, will no longer speak to you in dialect.

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    hEllo every1 i am mike white back from my hiatus where ar you? I'm good too thank you. ok so long story short I want to write a long sotyr not short ok. but I don't know where to start. is there anyone who can help me write. i need help from someone who nows about writing a lot and can help me write a long. One day I will be big writer and everybody will know me, but I need help writing first so

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    hello guys i am back ahower are yo

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    hi hilter

    they sya heil hitler but tyeh never say hi hitler.

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    New Plog Bost

    ehloo weveryone my name is mike whtie and welcome to my acocunt. how are you a,ll today? that' s is all.

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hi hilter · 8:39am January 4th

they sya heil hitler but tyeh never say hi hitler.

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Hitler committed suicide because nobody ever said hello. :(

yes you ware the reason hilter was sad

good, he's a virgin

that is mean i'm a virgin and I don't prove have that rasism.

Okay, let me rephrase that. He was a turbo virgin with a mind so horny that he had to commit crimes against humanity.

Vlad the Impaler wants to know your location.

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