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Apropos of the Sinners – Update 14 · 5:43am January 2nd

So I've finally published the first chapter of part 7, and I gotta say, this might just be my masterpiece... until I write something better 6 months later. However, don't expect the next chapter till summer this year (2021). I only wanted to get the first chapter out of the way. I fully intend to write all the chapters of this arc first so that they're all ready when I start publishing them.

I also plan to go back and revise a bunch of different scenes, cuz I thought the writing in some of them was kind of bad and not up to standard. I thank Soge for gushing over part 3 and how supposedly great it is (served as a nice ego boost), but from my perspective it could use some work. Not that I'm going to be changing any of the content or story or anything, I'll just rewrite some lines here and there to make it sound better/more natural. Same content, just different words.

Man, I'm making a bigger deal about this than it deserves. I'm only going to be making a few small changes to how some of the lines are written.

Anyway, planning for the story is going very well. I honestly think that every part is better than the last, so that if I were to rank them from worst to best, I'd just rank them in chronological order. That's crazy to me. Just to lay out the progress thus far:

-Parts 1&2 (Financial Dispute arc)
-Part 3 (Cluster arc)
-Part 4 (Birthday arc)
-Part 5 (Train arc)
-Part 6 (Nova arc)
-Part 7, chapters 1-??? (Insurgency arc)

Oh, and one final announcement.

I had developed a whole magic system a while back with the intention to introduce it in this part of the story, but I won't be doing that. It's not that I dissatisfied with my magic system (it was pretty in-depth) but because I don't think it will be necessary for the action scenes I have in mind, plus I'm not sure how to implement it in a way that feels natural, considering that it wouldn't have been mentioned in-universe till now. So... sorry, PaulAsaran, for eliciting your help with that. Didn't go anywhere. But I'll still hold on to it for future stories.

So yeah. Story is going at a super good pace, characters have gotten more interesting, plot is on track to the climax, and I even think my prose is better (i.e. less messy and hard to follow). I'll see it all to the end. Hopefully. Maybe. Probably.

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