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Happy New Year! · 1:26pm Dec 31st, 2020

Man, what a year.

Know the quote unquote 'joke' right now is 'may it rot in hell,' but been really mixed for me, honestly.

The rest of this is a bit of a year chronicle for my own minds sake slash a mild rant. You're not interested? Happy New Year, hope to see you in 2021! :yay:

Got a job. Lost said job, but made what felt like a few great connections.

Been sick or home for nearly two-three months total with various minor but annoying shit... but so far dodged the freakin' pandemic.

One month straight-ish being that my foot just gave out one day with even the doc not being quite sure what happened, and I've been doing physiotherapy exercises since then... but said exercises has increased my balance almost freakishly well, and really showed me how I'd been accidently neglecting a few ways to keep myself in shape.

Vowed to myself to finally start looking into diet stuff after clocking in at 170 kgs last new year. That you can be in the best shape of your life, exercise like a freakin' demon, and still be fat because you just cannot outtrain the spoon... That was a hard insight for me. One of the hardest I've had to wrestle with my whole life.

And today? 158.8 kg. Less than I'd want, but given the above health crap? I'll call losing—AND ACTUALLY KEEPING OFF WHO-HO!—those 11~ kgs a huge success, and I hope to carry my new habits into the new year and beyond, and hopefully make even more headway in becoming stronger, healthier & better then I was before.

Done more writing then I feared, but less then I hoped for. Again, here's hoping for 2021 being a bit kinder.

And... of course. Dad. RIP. Miss him a lot, but... the family has so far taken it well. No fights about money, or the other horror stories you hear about inheritance. I'd of course prefer to have him here, but... it's been very reassuring in these times to actually know that the family can take such a hit without falling apart.

So... yeah. Lots of give & take this year for me.

Know that's alas sadly far from a universal experience this year, and I hope all of you that suffered from 2020 have better luck in 2021.

Happy New year!

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Happy new year!
Show that shit attached to your body that you are an übermensch at heart!

What if 2021 is like, "Hold my beer."?

Happy New Year! May it be a good one for all of us.

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