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First impressions on Issue 92 · 8:15am Dec 30th, 2020

It's finally here, and spoilers abound! Now that the Farasian Shores arc has concluded, I'm hoping to see some fanfics based on it; I've already made a group.

  • The climax was surprisingly quick, but so was the climax of the series premiere.
  • It makes sense that the elements are different colours; the Equestrian elements all had colours that were present on the Mane 6. However, I don't like how most of the Farasian elements are light blue. It looks too samey.
  • Hooray for not using singular themselves!
  • The dream-flashback was my favourite part. It puts everything Zecora's done in the show in a new light, and it made me feel proud of her.
  • The ending, and a mural in the temple showing four Trees of Harmony around the globe, makes it clear that there's going to be more elements in other nations. The annual will be about six diamond dog sisters...
  • Months ago, I made four predictions. Only the last one turned out to be true.
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