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Never Say "It Can't Get Any Worse" · 9:39pm Dec 29th, 2020

Yesterday, a strong earthquake hit my country, damaging many buildings in the area. Today, an even stronger earthquake hit the same area, increasing the chaos in the already-damaged cities and villages. Many people lost their homes, many are injured, and as of right now, seven people are confirmed dead, one of them a 13-year-old girl. I live around 50 kilometers away from the epicenter and it felt about as bad as nine months ago when an earthquake hit my own city. We've never had them this frequently, in case you're wondering. Talk about 2020 going out with a bang, huh? :ajsleepy:

Here are a couple of links if you wish to help by donating money:

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Oh no! I hope you and your family are okay, it's always terrible when there are casualties to natural disasters, especially ones that can't be contained/controlled

I’m so sorry to hear that, man. Though, I’m glad to see you’re reaching out to us about this.

We're fine, thanks. We only had some stuff falling but no damage this time :pinkiesad2: which, unfortunately, can't be said for others :ajsleepy:

Every little bit helps

I sincerely hope so. It’s also good to see you’re trying to help those who weren’t as lucky as you and your family were.

I'm so sorry to hear about this, I know I can't do much through a screen but...🍪 we're all here for you

I am so sorry to hear this!
Take care and stay safe. 2020 really has been the worst huh?

Thanks :pinkiesad2:
There were a couple of good moments, but yeah, overall it was pretty bad. Let's hope things get better from now on :ajsleepy:

Oh boy, that sounds like it really sucks. I’m super sorry you and your family has to go through it, I hope things get better and hope your community can recover.

Man, 2020 sucks

oh shit! I hope you are alright and...well can't even say that hope 2020 won't get worse cuz it's only doing that so far so....really best of wishes and I hope things get better over there and in your life.

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