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Clear Skies Chapter 1 is Live! · 7:26pm Dec 28th, 2020

OMFG, finally. I hit the button. I actually hit the SUBMIT button instead of worrying and criticizing and generally NOT hitting the button, so I hit the button and submitted a new story and this is WEIRD and I don't know how to feel and that's a lie, I'm totally excited to have a new story out again for the first time in what feels like several centuries and AHHHHHHHHH.

Me considering pushing the button.

Me preparing to push the button


The button in question


TClear Skies
Moondancer has a plan to get away from it all. Minuette has a similar plan, only hers just involves joining Moondancer on her airship and hunting for a fabled lost treasure. Moondancer has a few problems with Minuette's plan.
Amber Spark · 57k words  ·  115  9 · 1.2k views
Comments ( 2 )

Good for you!
I have no doubt that this will be up to your usual standards of story telling and I shall be awaiting every new chapter with excitement.

Art from "Titan A.E.". Fantastic! )))

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