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    Morgan Freeburger

    So I made this. It kinda sucked so I talked to this guy I know,

    He gave me this:

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  • 550 weeks
    Hey a blog post.

    1. For some reason people like The Blacklight that Shines Inside, so I'm revising it.
    2. I have an idea to bring back the story I mentioned in my last blog post.
    3. This will all have to wait until exactly 6 days from now. I'm going out of town for a while.
    4. Hi, haven't talked to anyone in awhile.
    5. There is no 5.

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    Does anypony remember this?

    Well, do you?

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  • 556 weeks

    So the next chapter of TBSI is going to be postponed. Sorry guys my weekdays are crammed.

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  • 563 weeks

    So I plan on making this. That is all.

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Just some stuff · 11:37pm Nov 28th, 2012

This blog is just to address what I am going to be accomplishing;

1. Updates for The Blacklight that Shines Inside: Still scheduled for monthly updates, they could however, be released early.
2. Any one shots that come to mind. (I like writing one shots...)
3. A new chapter in Pinkamena Diane Pie. This is not a new chapter to continue the story, this will be an edited and hopefully better version of the already existent chapter. I will leave the old one up for readers however.
4. Re-write of The Dragon Games. If you favorited or like The Dragon Games then you might want to read the revised chapter one as it could be a whole new story.
5. Collab between Purgatory223 and myself: WARNING The story will be a HiE from hell that we think is funny, this is not always good for the general public however.....

Thanks for reading
May Fate smile upon you(My new 'phrase' what do you think? /)^3^(\ lol I am an idiot)

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With our new story, I have one thing to say.



There is no shelter capable of protecting you from the impending F5 shitstorm. :flutterrage:

Oh ok.
I guess all that's left to do is run away.



You cannot run from Fate. Fate guides you, whether it be into safety, or right into his weapon's reach.

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