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Admirer · 7:05pm Dec 24th, 2020

“Hey, Hive!”

Hivehunter’s ears twitched as he heard a familiar voice. He turned to see a familiar unreformed changeling standing there with a grin. “Oh, hey Bez. What’s up?”

“Nothing really. Just came here to see what you’re doing.”

“Eh, just watching lil’ Zenny play around in the snow. Nothing big.”

Bezier looked straight ahead to see Zenex, Apex, Hero, and Flutterwings all playfully tussling in the snow. “Heh. That’s pretty cute.”

“Heheh. Yeah. So, you needed anything?”

Bezier blushed as she looked into his ruby eyes. “Well, no, not at the moment.”

“Alright. Suit yourself.” Hivehunter turned and left, with Bezier still blushing heavily.

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