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Dreams are Always Weird, But This One Featured Estee · 12:26am Dec 24th, 2020

I dreamt Estee wrote a story were Pinkie Pie and a bat pony were going to have sex in a fancy mansion and it being a dream, I got to explore the mansion while flying around because I’m also a bat pony, and then later while on a mountain railway on a very long uphill incline, I got off and wrote the first comment on the story without actually reading it, and then later while getting like a college field study course lecture while underwater in a reef I had the epiphany that that now that I’m more financially stable but still struggle with running out of my ADHD meds every month, I should be charging more when I sell them to people who need them, and then I checked back on the comment section and there were like 40 comments and mine had 36 upvotes and nine down votes (there was also one that had like 72 downvotes but I don’t remember what it said) and I was looking forward to reading the comments but then I was playing with a weird somewhat experimental They Might Be Giants-esque band at a park plaza and then I woke up.

Also earlier in the night well, day because I have a weird sleep schedule, I dreamt of the smoke detectors went off with exactly 2 beeps and it woke me up and my mom was confused because she hadn’t heard anything.

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You dreamed you were a bat pony? Cool.

One of the many reasons my 1st year as a staff member of a pony convention and in fact my first convention of any sort ever, at BABSCon 2014 didn’t go well is that I kept pretending I was in fact actually a pony from Equestria visiting earth via a portal, to the point that some of the other staff members were worried about my mental health.

5421062 Heck, we've been worrying about... I mean we just love the heck out of you, ST. Stay you. (although you with bat-wings and hooves would be very cool too)

I got off and wrote the first comment on the story without actually reading it

So you dream of being Regidar?

Lol if you remember that era of FimFic, you qualify for a seniors discount

5421190 Veterans or seniors? lol
But apparently you qualify as well, old man.

I don’t know what you’re talking about! :liarjack:

Huh. Aye, sounds like quite the dream.

Once I had a dream where I was a centaur with an MP40 and I think it would make a cool game.

Author Interviewer

36 upvotes and nine down votes


I think?

Hopefully Estee writes it??

Don’t let your dreams be memes.

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