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  • 3 weeks
    More than a year

    I'm sorry I've been away this long, and it may be longer yet.
    Chaos still rules the day, and while I have a couple chapters to post, I don't have time to proof read and propperly post with some advertising in shameless self promotion.
    I really look forward to coming back and talking with you all again.

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  • 6 weeks

    So quite a while ago I decided to step back to do some writing.
    Almost immediatly after taking a breath my life got sinificantly more chaotic, keeping me from writing, and keeping me offline.
    When things calm down enough for me to spend more than a couple minutes here i'll do an update. Not a complete update, but you will know much more once I send out that blog.

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  • 22 weeks
    Happy Holidays Everybody

    I hope this year has done well for you. But if not, I hope you find some comfort and warmth in the company of friends. Be we separated by only a few feet or miles, be we separated by distance, or time, or even circumstance. We find happiness by those we choose to keep in our lives and I hope you've found that happiness yourself.

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  • 28 weeks
    An uncomfortable question

    This is kind of a between chapters thing, not really enough to merit it's own place in the story.
    I actually had a different idea about this, having James watching memories of his daughters being cute children and saying "I love you." Leading into kind of bittersweet depression with him. I may write that later, but I enjoyed this more at the moment.

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  • 37 weeks

    Still working on my writing too. There's just been some personal complications slowing the whole thing up. And if you like these kind of blog entries,
    you can check out Fallout Dude 50 who does these a lot more and better than I.

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I seriously love the Chrono Trigger sound track. · 12:03am Dec 23rd, 2020

I just heard a little clip of this tune and it hit my nostalgia hard (The exact sensation I'm thinking of is called frisson.) I'm going to be listening to the rest of the sound track later, and even fan renditions of the music. But for now, I'm going to just enjoy this particular tune.

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