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My Sister Tia

Thank you all for being kind to others.

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Shoutouts :) · 3:23am Dec 22nd, 2020

Noctornalis Storyhart
My Little Epona
River Shy
No name 13
Edit: There are other great people on here too, but I just thought that it would be kind to give shoutouts to these people.

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What's this about.

I just thought that it would be nice to give shout outs to these great people.

This is thoughtful.

Awww, that’s so kind of you! :rainbowkiss: I don’t know all of them, but those that I do know I can testify that they are indeed great hoomans:twilightsmile:

Thank you, and I'm glad that I chose to give the. Shoutouts.

I may be late for this....

But yay!

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