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No name 13

The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, and No name 13 is here to comfort you. :>

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  • 11 weeks
    What's new?

    What's new with you all I guess? Just ya know, keeping up with my followers.

    ~No name 13

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  • 11 weeks

    Should I continue to update New day, same life?

    After all, it is what you all want.

    So yeh, should I? And if so, why?

    Or if not, then why?


    ~No name 13

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  • 12 weeks
    I'm fine.

    [Adult story embed hidden]

    And so is Surn. :)

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  • 13 weeks
    New story soon!

    ...And an explanation on why I was away for so long.

    Life. It got in the way of so many things, and didn't even think I was even in a good mental state.

    The past few months have been really terrible for me, and it's mainly been because of my mood swings.

    You could say I am doing a bit better, so expect some more stories soon, hopefully before school starts on the 29th.

    ~No name 13

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  • 14 weeks

    Welp, guess who's back after a long time?! Boy I got some explaining to do, but for now, I am back home! And here to stay!

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Streamy! · 7:14pm Dec 21st, 2020

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