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Going live! · 9:04pm Dec 17th, 2020

Hey there, fellow adventurers!

In the past I've talked about wanting to do livestreaming, and I've decided to give it another shot!

You can find me over at https://www.twitch.tv/penninkwell, where I'm going to be playing a ROM hack of Pokemon: Fire Red known as Radical Red. It's a high-difficulty ROM hack featuring EVERY pokemon (something gamefreak couldn't manage), megas, raids, and a lot more features! I'm going for a blind playthrough, so I've been avoiding other streams or videos about it.

On top of just playing together, I'll be ready to answer any and all questions about my recent absence, The Multiverse in a Nutshell, my original characters and universes, and anything else you all want to know! So come and join me on this new adventure!

Again, the stream can be found right here!

I'll see you there!

-Pennington Inkwell

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