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Hatch opens, stark light

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24k Lush · 6:57pm Dec 16th, 2020

Hey all, Wish here. One of my best friends, The Red Parade, wrote a wonderful story starring Sweetie Belle as a gift for me. It is very good and you should go read it.

E24k Lush
Sweetie Belle believes in magic. She hopes that'll be enough.
The Red Parade · 8.7k words  ·  56  7 · 508 views

While you're at it, you should follow Red. He is a very talented writer and deserves more attention.

Anyways, that's it. See y'all when I publish my next story in--at my current pace--2023.

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Thanks for the shout wish! You're really epic and I'm glad that this story made you happy <3

I'm really glad to have you as a friend. Here's to 2021!

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