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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Today
    Insulting your fans

    I wonder what would happen?

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  • Monday
    Princess Celestia's weight?

    How heavy is big sunhorse? That's something I need to know. Canon version, not my crazy fan fiction version.

    She seems to have a fondness for cake, so that doesn't do her any favors for her weight.

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  • Saturday
    Anyone make maps for Age of Empires 2?

    Any of my followers make maps for Age of Empires 2? I made a Middle East Diplomacy map recently. Can be found under mods on https://www.ageofempires.com/

    I do more than just writing about pony butts.

    My map.

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  • 6 days
    Ideas for new stories?

    Any stories you wish me to write? Have a request? Or simply want to share some ideas with me.

    You can PM me. Or contact me by My Discord: Bendy#6695

    No charge. But note, there is no guarantee I will make it.

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  • 1 week
    What would Twilight think of this song?

    Would it speak to her? I'm Reading a Book, by Julian Smith.

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Movies that could never be made today? · 8:33am Dec 11th, 2020

What movies could never be made today?

Report Bendy · 133 views · #Movies #movie
Comments ( 9 )

Blazing Saddles. The humor alone wouldn't be allowed as it is. It would be heavily censored and very "pointed" in one direction.

Any of the Monty Python movies

Police Academy and Spaceballs

Tropic Thunder, perhaps the last movie that will ever use blackface.

El Dorado

They'd still make that, it'd just be full of more politics.

Somewhere in the multiverse is an Earth that never experienced the masterpiece that is El Dorado, and my heart weeps for those sad children.

Almost all Mel Brooks honestly.

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