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13 Shades of Sunset

Just got back to the human world. But I’m now stuck as a pony. :b

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SNEAK PEAK · 7:26pm Dec 10th, 2020

Hey guys. 13 Shades of Sunset here.

So I’ve already posted a new story, The Ballad of a Raging Sunset so go check that out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Anyways I believe the time has come to updated one of my incomplete works that I’ve held off for a month now sooooo.....

.....here’s a little sneak peak of the next chapter to get you hyped a little:twilightsmile:

Rainbow Dash’s POV

“Is that a door... in the woods?” I said.

“Rainbow there’s no way that there’s a...” I point towards the direction where the door is. Twilight was shocked to the point her jaw would’ve dropped to the ground like a cartoon character.

“What’s that?” Sunset said.

“I don’t know but I’m gonna check it out,” I would soon run over to the door I saw and I would slip out of Fluttershy’s hand.

“Dash wait...” Twilight said as she followed me and then then the others started to follow.

“Rainbow we can’t just go over there, we don’t even know what we’re dealing with,” Anon called out as I kept going. As I drew closer to the door I could see more of it until I could see what looked like some small storage house or whatever it is. The others tried to catch up to me after I stop in my tracks. By the time they caught up to me I opened the door and went inside.


The Abandoned Factory (Pt. 2)

This Weekend

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