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It's here! Pony-Me™ has officially been rewritten! · 7:46am Dec 10th, 2020


Twilight thought it was all so real-- the crisp morning air, the warmth of the rising sun, the ponies that went about their day-- it all seemed real to her. Yet, with the breaking of a single connection, everything comes crashing down, leaving a very confused girl wearing a VR headset.

Maybe she can still relog.

Preread by Thunderous, Babroniedad, EverfreePony, Darksoul85, and No name 13. Formerly preread by Doggyshakespeare and JetXPegasusWWN.

Cover art drawn in collaboration between Momoruuu and myself.

Based off of a chapter from What If...?

A total rewrite of the original Pony-Me™.

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