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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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Something Needs to be Said. · 3:22pm Dec 8th, 2020

Hello everyone, this is your NinjaMare, and I think I need to clarify something concerning about Zack, the main character from my 'I'm NOT Twilight Sparkle' fanfic. and it's concerning with the idea that Zack will gain Changeling magic. and while that idea does sound fun, and the main thing my readers think the way that Zack will get the Changeling magic, is by absorbing it. unfortunately that's not going to happen. remember my readers, the reason why Zack has the magic types she has now (Harmony/Chaos/Dark) are because:

1. Ponies are naturally harmonious creatures, so Zack has Harmony magic by default because of her pony body.
2. Zack has Chaos magic because Discord used his magic to create Zack's new body, it's not a great amount but she does have it.
3. Dark magic can be learned by anyone that succumbs to dark emotions, thoughts and loose themselves.

So, the only way that Zack would even possibly get changeling magic (which is tied to the species itself and isn't something anyone can just, learn) is that Zack somehow becomes PART changeling herself, like changeling DNA being spliced into her own DNA and change her to be changeling like. but since that's not going to happen (and there's no way to turn one species into another species down to their very CORE) I'm afraid a transforming Zack is not in the cards. sorry my readers.:ajsleepy:

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Honestly, I think that idea came from reading changeling focused stories since the headcanon varies from story to story it is easy to get confused I mean for example you read story x that's main focus is on changelings, in which it is said that 'ling magic can be learned, you reach the last uploaded chapter then they came here. Where according to the lore changeling magic is usable by 'lings only.
At least that's my theory
Cheers :twilightsmile:

Truthfully, that makes a lot of sense. Zack not getting changeling magic. But I do wish to see Zack use more of his choas magic to "possibly" change his shape. Or he goes through the mirror portal. And can we all give cheer for Zack's first alien friend Thorax?

remember the reason why Zack wasn't able to go through the portal the first time? Zack will never be able to go back to Earth, the laws the govern ALL Reality won't allow it. and as to changing her shape with her chaos magic, Zack only has a limited amount of chaos magic. and i can tell you it's not enough to change or warp reality.

I don't know where people got the idea that Zack would be able to use changeling magic in the near future since it does not make any sense whatsoever. The explanation you gave was the reason why it never made any sense.

yeah i'm also confused on how this line of thinking 'Zack get's 'ing's magic'. and that's why i made this blog post to clarify that won't happen.

Yeah, but that was going back to his ORIGINAL WORLD, not the equestria girls one. Since they are two different worlds

Though if you use the spell Twilight used to change everyone into breezies and never cast the counter spell...

Lmao, where would people get that idea from?
Seems rather improvable...

Since we're talking about Zack, there's one thing about the story that has continually bothered the hell out me for some time. With the premise being what it is, Zack constantly calling himself female doesn't feel right at all, instead feeling forced. There's no real reason for him to do so, and feels contradictory to the character and story. He says he is actually a male human, but then goes around identifying as a Mare. If he identifies as a mare then so much of thr story happened for no reason. Him having come to terms with and tolerating being in a body that isn't his is one thing, but him constantly calling himself a female when the story is being told from his viewpoint is practically saying "I am Twilight Sparkle".

Sorry for the rant, it just bothers me how the protagonist's words and actions don't seem to match, and it has me questioning why everything is happening.

in the contacts of the story, the story is being told from an outsiders view. if this was actually told by Zack's POV then you would assuredly see him describe himself as male. but since the fic is angled from the outside watching things, Zack is female. i did try to use both genders, but that just made it difficult to not only write, but also read.

Ehh I think is the best choice, the idea of Zack becoming part changeling and a way to do it would end in a mess to do it.

Okay, that makes q great deal more sense. I know its probably silly to get hung up on semantics, bit it just felt relevent to me.

no its fine to feel that way. but know that even is Zack says she's fine being called a mare/female. doesn't mean she's going to stop being male in her mannerisms and actions.

well like i said, as much as the idea of Zack somehow part changeling, its not going to happen. maybe if i wanted to create a separate fic that has a branching storyline i might do it, but i just want to focus on the main story.

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